How Memorable

I just returned from my ten year college reunion which was more fun than I would have imagined. On my friends urging, I visited my old advisor. I introduced myself and he shook my hand with such gusto I’m sure he remembered me.

We talked and I told him what I was doing: being a mom, working on a novel, managing real estate, etc. He then started to tell me about a graduate from 10 years ago. I asked him if he was talking about me. The professor is a little kookie – which I guess most college professors are – and he said no. Then he continued to talk about this student whose post collegiate plans mirrored mine. I asked again if he was referring to me. He said no and continued citing more parallels. “Jim,” I said. “I really think you are talking about me.”

He did a double take and realized he was indeed thinking of me. I don’t know if I should be pleased that he remembered specifics about my goals from ten years ago or disappointed because he remember me when I arrived.

From the friends who came up and introduced themselves to me, I reckon I have not physically changed too drastically.


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