I’m Trying

I really am trying. I’m just so tired and there is so much to do. Sure I’m trapped at home for most of the day waiting for my staples delivery, but there are still calls to make, emails to return, diapers to change, news to watch, naps to be had, and on and on.

I’m embarrassed that I am not exactly reading much more than the ingredient list on a cereal box but my plate is full.

For my summer writing workshop I switched to personal essay because I think writing something more manageable (shorter) is more realistic. I can start, edit and finish several pieces over the summer and perhaps find a published home for them.

I’ve been filling up my journal which is cathartic; though not sure if it will translate into essays or a memoir. I’d love to do stories of globe trekking with my mom. We had some amazing adventures abroad.

Eventually. At least I’m visiting this site quasi regularly and writing.

Poca a poca.


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