Conference #2

I took the same writer’s conference that I did last year, focusing on creative non-fiction as opposed to the novel.

Creative non-fiction – is that the Augusten Burroughs/ James Frey category? I guess there are certain liberties one can take writing. For example, I can comfortably say that my hair is falling out in clumps when in reality I find loose strands on my pillow case, in my hands after I run fingers through my hair.

Because of all of the family stuff going on during the conference, I could not fully immerse myself in the program. But I’m a mother of two young children and have a hell of a lot of responsibilities on my plate. The odds of me ever fully immersing myself are slim, so I’ll take what I can get.

I was working on lots of personal stuff about my mom – some of which I will upload, which is cathartic. I don’t know what the final product is – or ultimate story but the emotions are raw and it’s good to document it now


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