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Back To Reading

September 15, 2009

I go through stages of reading books and at this moment I’m proud to say I am on a reading kick. The problem with finishing a great book is finding a new one to replace it.

A great book will have you excited to discover what happens next, constantly thinking about the characters and acting as an adovacate for the book.

My latest favorite novel this summer is Not Me by Michael Lavigne. I also enjoyed the Gurnsey LIterary and Potato Peel Society, Surrender, Dorothy, Commencement, and most of All We Ever Wanted Was Everything. The last two I have not loved. Commencement captured some nuances of Smith perfectly which increased its ranking in my book. There have been a few other novels that I did not finish as well as a collection of short stories by Ethan Canin I reread.


Julie and Julia and Me

September 8, 2009

Just saw the super cute movie Julie & Julia and besides wanting to cook a Beef Bourguignon could relate to the movie.

The similarities between me and Julie the blogger are:
We are both bloggers
we both have novels we wished were published
issues with our parents – although I miss my mom’s encouragement but not her critiques
right around 30 years old (I think I’m a year older than Julie is in the movie)
New Yorkers – although she is in Queens
we both have (had?) doubts about ourselves as writers. Hard to believe Julie Powell does now given her book and movie with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams by Nora Ephron.

Nora Ephron effortlessly parallels the two women’s lives before their tomes reach the printing press and it’s comforting to know that Julia Child did not become “Julia Child” until she was in her 40s or 50s.

On some levels I too wonder when I will come into my own. there are many days I feel like I have in terms of business – although I did file my mother’s estate tax returns today which frees up one major responsibility – and as a mom and a wife. In other ways I’m embarrassed about my success – or lack thereof as a writer.