Lost: Memory

I’ve been operating on auto-pilot lately. The only way I’ve been able to cope is to look at few steps ahead of me while remembering about half a step behind me.

I don’t remember what I had for dinner two nights ago or what I will do two days from now. With the help of my iPhone and those little alerts that pop up as reminders, I’m able to accomplish all of the important stuff.

I may forget to call a friend back who just wants to catch up because often times when I have a few minutes I do not want to casually catch up. Unless there is something interesting to share, the “hey, how are you” routine can wait another week or month. It’s perfect for a car drive or layover in an airport, but those luxuries of quiet are limited.

One friend and neighbor recently called during a brief down time and I picked up because she has a new baby and our call could have substance. After hearing about her daughter being bit at school, I told her of my two recent medical diagnoses. They were not diagnoses per say but suspicious results from preliminary tests.

She comforted me about how it could be the result of something highly insignificant. “Remember when they found two suspicious lumps in my breast?” she asked.
“We talked about it…at length…you calmed me down…it was a pretty extensive conversation…in June.”

Uh, I drew a blank. I had no recollection. She attributed it to my pregnancy brain. I’m able to remember my kids and being pregnant.

I felt badly that I could not even recall this rather serious scare my girlfriend had. At least she remembers me as sympathetic and helpful. What else am I forgetting and letting slip through the cracks?

Perhaps I should answer my phone more frequently.


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