Setting the Bar

I just read an interview with Jason Reitman who wrote Up In The Air and Thank Your For Smoking. He said that when he is writing a movie he does not want to read great scripts like The Graduate or The Godfather because it sets the bar intimidatingly high.

Reading mediocre or crappy scripts reminds him that he can do just as well if not better than that of an already made movie.

I remember how my mom used to call me up and say, I just saw the stupidest sitcom. If this can get made, surely you can get a job as you are infinitely more talented than these writers.

I know I should be grateful for her undying confidence in me. I wish I had that in myself.

There’s time. I suppose.

There are moments when I read something so barely entertaining and wonder how it got published. I may think of the publicity or scandal surrounding the author, or author’s parent or spouse. It’s an excuse, a justification. No reason why I can’t succeed.

I’ll get there. Patience, my loyal reader. Patience.


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