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If Bennett Can Do It

March 28, 2010

t’s not schadenfreude but there’s a part of me that resents writers who have book contracts handed to them. Just as I’m sure professional chefs with fantasies of publishing their recipes grumble when the wife of a celebrity not only publishes a cookbook but also gets loads of publicity.

So I read Laura Bennett’s book Didn’t I Feed You Yesterday: A Mother’s Guide to Sanity in Stilettos with mixed expectations. Was she a reality show contestant trying to ride her momentum and squeeze out a sixteenth minute of fame? Would I read this book thinking I could write better and curse her good fortune? No. She writes well and funny enough to entertain reviewers, mothers and even my babysitter alike.


I Miss My Mommy

March 15, 2010

She was in my dream last night. I remember whispering to my sister, who is going to tell her we gave away her store and most of her closet.

I have to remind myself that she is not coming home. We left her pajamas hanging on the back of the bathroom door for months. As if she would come hoe and put them on and life could return to normal.

It won’t. Death is the most final thing in the world. We live in a world where we unequivocally know that not a soul, ourselves included, will make it out alive. What does “make it out” even mean? When you lose someone close you seriously consider the afterlife, and explore your notions whatever they may be of what it means to pass on.