If Bennett Can Do It

t’s not schadenfreude but there’s a part of me that resents writers who have book contracts handed to them. Just as I’m sure professional chefs with fantasies of publishing their recipes grumble when the wife of a celebrity not only publishes a cookbook but also gets loads of publicity.

So I read Laura Bennett’s book Didn’t I Feed You Yesterday: A Mother’s Guide to Sanity in Stilettos with mixed expectations. Was she a reality show contestant trying to ride her momentum and squeeze out a sixteenth minute of fame? Would I read this book thinking I could write better and curse her good fortune? No. She writes well and funny enough to entertain reviewers, mothers and even my babysitter alike.

Like the early seasons of Jon and Kate Plus Eight that I watched in amazement, I wanted to know how a mother can raise six children, in Manhattan. Bennett’s account of her children’s different schedules left me exhausted. Yes she has two nannies, but even with one adult for almost two kids, when one of the adults has another career, is overwhelming.

I met with Bennett and was struck by her complete approachability. She asked me about my writing and offered me kudos for continuing to write in the abyss where publishers and agents don’t know me. I was embarrassed when she confirmed that I don’t proofread my blogs and comforted when she shared her obstacles in gaining publicity.

Listening to myself talk to Bennett about my writing and my rough draft of a novel being held hostage on my computer, I realized it is time for me to write more. I know my mother would have reconsidered appointing me the executer of her will if she thought it would hinder my writing as much as it has been. The estate has been filed, the IRS accepted our return, her property and my property are practically on autopilot. It is time to write.

And if Laura Bennett can leave her family and miss her daughter’s high school graduation to follow her dreams and compete on Project Runway, then create a fashion line while working in a loft with four boys on summer vacation, then write a book with a newborn, then certainly I can finish the novel I started.


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One Response to “If Bennett Can Do It”

  1. mommywriter Says:

    Not a single typo to be found. You go girl.

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