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You Wrote a Book?

April 28, 2010

I just received an email from my husband’s cousin’s wife who wrote a book. [snide face]

Her story is an awful one, not one that I would ever want to write even if it guaranteed me a book deal. A recovering alcoholic and mother of three young boys learns that her youngest son has a rare disease. So rare that the best doctors in the world have never seen it before. Thank G-d her son will be fine, but I could not fathom having that scare. It reminds me how lucky I am with my healthy children.


You’re Reading This

April 20, 2010

I’ve heard it said countless times from countless professionals in varying forms, they feel like a fraud.

My mom used to say, you want to be a writer, proof! You’re a writer. And you can substitute writer for photographer, jewelry designer, costumer, actress, singer, you get the point.

My grandmother’s friend reached out to me because her thirteen year old son is scared to try new things lest he fail. And while she wanted advice on how to break this behavior I could relate.

If You Knew Suzy

April 19, 2010

I just finished a book by a writer who lost her mother to cancer. Reading it, I felt like I could have written it. I found myself nodding in agreement of certain maternal descriptions and shaking my head to others.

If You Knew Suzy: A Mother, A Daughter, A Reporter’s Notebook by Katherine Rosman is a daughter’s discovery and reflection surrounding her mother’s ultimately fatal fight with lung cancer. Katherine tracks down people who both influenced her mother and those whom her mom influenced. There were no great epiphanies but I imagine closure for the author.