You Wrote a Book?

I just received an email from my husband’s cousin’s wife who wrote a book. [snide face]

Her story is an awful one, not one that I would ever want to write even if it guaranteed me a book deal. A recovering alcoholic and mother of three young boys learns that her youngest son has a rare disease. So rare that the best doctors in the world have never seen it before. Thank G-d her son will be fine, but I could not fathom having that scare. It reminds me how lucky I am with my healthy children.

Nonetheless she emails me about how to find an agent and advice on a query letter which I’m happy to offer. I can confidently say what agents are looking for in a letter and understand the gist of everything yet I still have not landed an agent myself. I have a novel and a half being held hostage on my computer, begging screaming to be read and yet, I write this blog. I write another blog. I am getting my brokers license. I am not working on those books.

I know the queries are for agents to distinguish who has a good idea versus a great one, who is a real writer versus an amateur with a computer. This cousin has been through a lot so I hope she does get a book deal.


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