Less Impact Woman

After watching No Impact Man a documentary about writer Colin Beavan and his family’s attempt to eliminate his carbon footprint for one year, I’ve tried cutting back.

I figure even a small step will make a difference. So I’ve been writing to the companies whose products I love to order on the Internet and cancel my catalog subscription. I’ve been more conscious about keeping a fabric bag under the stroller and I try to buy products with less packaging. Progress, not perfection.

Beavan went extreme, even turning off his fuses and heat in the cold Manhattan winter and avoiding air conditioning in the summer. I was definitely left with questions after the movie, namely why did he refuse public transportation?
The subways emit the same amount of electricity with or without him so riding one does not create a greater impact on the environment.

How was he able to film the documentary without electricity? How did his daughter fare with the reusable diapers? Why didn’t he and his wife keep trying to conceive?

One of Beavan’s critics was a writer who perceived his project as a conceit for his new book, a gimmick if you will. His quest for environmentalism did not evolve organically. He had a conceit. He did follow through with it and got his book deal. And a documentary. And some speaking gigs. And is making a difference.


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