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Room for Improvement

September 27, 2010

As part of the Left to Write blog, I was given a free copy of Room by Emma Donoghue. The book has generated some hype recently, but I suppose a write up cover of the New York Times Book Review section will do that. I began the book late this weekend but given some fervent opposition to the book by my fellow bloggers and the late arrival of said novel, I did not finish the story narrated by a five year old boy locked in a room with his mother.

I feel badly for not completing the book, or really reading more of it. When children are pulling off their diapers sitting in wet cribs and screaming bloody murder, a book must be engaging enough to maintain my attention. Of course, as part of the Left to Write blog, I don’t have to write a report, merely a blog inspired by the book. And if I don’t? I can’t imagine my imaginary mommy friends in the blogosphere will disown me. Will you?


Cowboys and Wills

September 2, 2010

As part of the From Left to Write blog, I received a complimentary copy of Cowboys and Wills: A Love Story by Monica Holloway. The book follows a mother’s help to reach her son after he was diagnosed with autism.

I don’t know if autism is more prevalent today because doctors are more aware of it and thus children are getting diagnosed more frequently or if the expanded definition includes more ranges of disorders or if there is something in the environment contributing to more cases, but it is scary.