Cowboys and Wills

As part of the From Left to Write blog, I received a complimentary copy of Cowboys and Wills: A Love Story by Monica Holloway. The book follows a mother’s help to reach her son after he was diagnosed with autism.

I don’t know if autism is more prevalent today because doctors are more aware of it and thus children are getting diagnosed more frequently or if the expanded definition includes more ranges of disorders or if there is something in the environment contributing to more cases, but it is scary.

It’s scary because there is no cure.
It’s scary because it alters the family.
It’s scary because there is an unknown.

I know I am incredibly fortunate to have healthy children. My friend’s pediatrician reminded her, a healthy child is a privilege, not a gift. As I hear more stories about friends with premature babies weighing one kilo, or disorders that don’t allow them to travel without significant medical equipment I’m reminded how blessed my family is.

I am sure parents of autistic children can be frustrated by the parenting obstacles that they encounter both on a daily basis and in anticipation of the future. Parenting is not easy and adding this layer which forces parents to fight for the necessary medical, educational and developmental attention for their children is an increased burden.

Earlier this summer I met a woman who told me her son was autistic. Since he had been playing with other children at the BBQ I did not notice it immediately, but as he sat down with us and repeated things ti became more obvious. The mother shared a few of the battles she faced in looking out for her son.

Holloway was able to reach out to her son through pets which then let her into his world. She reminds us that having a diagnosed child may not be easy but it there are still a plethora of opportunities for happiness.


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2 Responses to “Cowboys and Wills”

  1. Cowboy & Wills by Monica Holloway – A From Left to Write Book Club | Says:

    […] Helen P. from I want a book deal is scared about autism […]

  2. Sharon Young Says:

    It is interesting how autism was rare and now it is common.

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