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Open Mindset

March 18, 2015

On my sister’s recommendation I began reading a book about mindsets.

Based on the initial questions and my natural disposition I felt I had an open mindset.  I was after all reading a book about accepting new ideas.  Continuous examples of the ways ego or insecurities can put blinders on leaders to lasting effects.   Scientists proved that merely suggesting that a skill or trait is inherent drastically influences performance and honesty.  It has an effect on risks and rebounding from falls.

Knowledge is power.

Just like Dr. Sarno, author of the mind body connection, cures lifetimes of severe and debilitating back pain, shoulder pain, migraines and more to patients with an open mind.

Surgery is the number one placebo.

I’ve diagnosed Hubby with TMS, too much stress.  With his fixed mindset he won’t drink the kool-aid.  And drink it you must, as the cure only works if you completely surrender to the diagnosis and believe that you can cure it.

Tomorrow he gets his blood work results for the new foot, the one that did not have surgery. I know he wants me to validate his pain.  With my severe back spasms I know the pain is severe. Regardless of the results, I am confident the physical pain is equally unbearable.  Wonder what Hubby subconsciously hopes the results will reveal.