New Classes

My friend convinced me to sign up for a new writing class which I’m thoroughly enjoying even if I blew it off today. Feel kind of badly but a friend was in town and last night I heard editors from Newsweek’s My Turn and the New York Times Op-ed page, both of whom essentially said I had a shot in hell of getting published, but a shot nonetheless.

In so many ways I wish I had taken this class earlier. The teacher totally demystifies the writing and publishing process. Her no nonsense attitude about writing and critiquing is so goal oriented, makes me think I could really succeed as a freelancer. If only I knew this when I was a struggling freelancer working in a cocoon coping with rejection.

Now that I have kids, my mom’s estate and other deals going on, I don’t have the energy to extend writing essays for $100 here or $300 there. But I took the class anyway!

That’s because I love writing essays and short pieces and would love to be published nationally, especially in a paper like Newsweek or the New York Times.


One Response to “New Classes”

  1. Lisa Goell Sinicki Says:

    Hey Heather,
    Looks like you’re getting some writing done. Email me and let me know how you are doing. Lisa

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