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Editor’s Notes

June 23, 2011

I received my manuscript back from the editor and have begun reviewing her notes. I’m not totally thrilled. Some of her additions include cliches and her advice directs the story in places I specifically did not want it to go. I agree with some of the edits, need to be convinced of others, and totally disagree with some.

Perhaps the moral of this is that I know my story and I have the confidence to craft the book I want, not necessarily what the editor suggests.

The other moral is that I really need to trust my gut. I liked that this editor had a reputation of giving concrete examples and ideas but my overall instinct on her writing and the total outcome was not totally optimistic. In retrospect I should have interviewed several editors instead of following the first referral.

Fortunately it was just an edit, not an insane amount of money, and perhaps this is the push I need to get me to finish the story. I did spend several hours last night reviewing her notes and am excited to continue today. That alone should be worth the cost of admission.

Her notes will help me fill in some of the blanks I had struggled with previously. Also included is a telephone call, and I imagine/hope lots of emails. So I will remain optimistic and relish the new energy I have for the novel!