Your Opinions Count

It’s amazing to consider how influential one person can be in another’s life, both for the good and the bad.

I think of my mom and how a simple comment could carry so much weight. Hence, I was reluctant to share so much of this new novel with her or even my potential baby names. I don’t regret not showing her the book because when I did share an early rough draft and I was so eager to hear her compliment me on the writing and the story all she said was, you should go back to the other book (the one where her influence in the writing was evident) and that she liked the font. Thanks.

My grandma who depended on her daughter for so much has kept a secret from her for what I think is over 30 plus years because she did not want my mom to poo-poo it. My grandma is part of a secret religion. At least I think so, she has confided in a friend of mine and my sister about this *religion*.

She attributes the religion for giving my mom 23 amazing months since her awful diagnosis and helping my grandmother remain strong during this grieving process.

While I’m quick to dismiss her faith even though I know so little about it, it has made my grandma stronger than her grandchildren. She has proven to be a pillar for my siblings and I.


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